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ALF - Insurance for Assited Living Facilities

Protect Your Long Term Care Business

Featuring a comprehensive wording, streamlined application process, and a unique approach to risk analysis, CareSurance™ ALF has been designed to meet the specific needs of Assisted Living Facilities across the US.

Standard coverages include:

  •   Professional and General Liability (including Products and Completed Ops Liability)
  •   Sexual Misconduct and Physical Abuse Liability
  •   Employee Benefits liability
  •   Tenants’ Liability
  •   Medical Expenses cover
  •   An incident sensitive trigger – a lawsuit does not have to be brought against the client for the policy to respond
  •   Limits available up to $1m per claim and $3m in the aggregate, and deductibles as low as $5,000

Streamlined Application Process

Traditional LTC facility insurance involves a long and complex application process. For Assisted Living Facilities, however, CareSurance™ ALF provides a streamlined, rapid application process.

The short application form can be completed in under 15 minutes and a quote provided to you in under 48 hours.

Competitive Premiums

With nursing home litigation being one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare liability in the US, premiums in this sector have been traditionally high.  However, our focus upon accurate risk analysis and product segmentation means that the best managed facilities can benefit from significant premium savings.

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