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Commercial Business Cyber, Privacy, and Media Risk Insurance from Certified Insurance Underwriters

CPM - Insurance for Cyber, Privacy and Media Risks

Protect Your Business

CPM has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive protection for the cyber, privacy and media risks faced by companies in their day to day operations.

Tailor the cyber, privacy and media coverage for the risks you face.  Coverages include:

  •   Comprehensive media liability, including cover for user generated content
  •   Advertising and personal injury
  •   Defamation, including libel and slander
  •   Intellectual property rights infringement
  •   Invasion of privacy
  •   Blanket professional liability
  •   Breach of contract
  •   Cyber liability, privacy liability and privacy breach notification costs
  •   Commercial general liability
  •   Property and business interruption, including cyber perils

Target Market

CPM is aimed at a wide range of companies as most businesses have an exposure to cyber, privacy and media risks.  Some industry examples include:

  •   Website operators and e-tailers
  •   Healthcare providers
  •   Leisure and entertainment companies
  •   Retailers
  •   Manufacturers and wholesalers
  •   Professional service companies

Limits, Deductibles and Premiums

  •   Limits available up to $10,000,000
  •   A range of deductibles available, from as low as $1,000
  •   Premiums starting from as little as $300 for a $1,000,000 limit
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