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Florida Motorcycle Insurance Quotes from Certified Insurance Underwriters

Florida Motorcycle Insurance Quote

Riding a motorcycle in Florida traffic is hard enough, without having to worry about your motorcycle insurance coverage.  Whether you have a cruiser, a sport bike, a touring bike, or even a scooter, we have a policy that is right for you.

We cover things like:

  •   Safety apparel...helmets, leathers, gloves
  •   Optional equipment...custom paint jobs, side cars, after-market parts
  •   Towing and roadside assistance

Being a safe rider will help reduce your motorcycle insurance premium.

  •   Don't trust your mirrors - always look
  •   Wear a helmet, even though it is not required
  •   Trust the center of the lane, especially on high-wind days or when passing 18-wheelers
  •   Pay attention to other drivers
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